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Sanctioned Orders

  1. An Optimal Solution for Crop Residue Management with the Internet of Robotics Things and Artificial Intelligence, 22 January 2024
  2. Design and development of advanced sensors based on fusion of microstrip patch and surface acoustic wave for soil analysis towards precision agriculture, 5th December, 2023
  3. Design and Development of System-on-Chip for Single-Lead Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG) for Medical Devices 19 May, 2023
  4. Design and Development of Noble C-Band Parametric Optical Frequency Comb Generator to Realize Backbone Optical Transport Network for 6G Communication, Date 30 January, 2023
  5. Proposal under FIST Program- 2022 (TPN- 84256). Financial Assistance to the Department of Mathematics, SLIET Longowal to augment the research facilities in the Department, Date 19 December, 2022
  6. Design and Development of Terahertz Self-Multiplex Antennas Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide for 6G Wireless Communication System, Date 6 October, 2022
  7. High Accuracy Determination of Rheological Properties of Drilling Fluids using Marsh Funnel, Date 16 September, 2022