Research and consultancy cell has been set up by the institute to monitor exploratory research to assess manpower requirement leading to integrated educational planning, curriculum development and instructional material development in the identified areas of science and technology. Further, research work is undertaken by the faculty of the institute in the interdisciplinary areas to provide preventive and productive solutions for the problems of industry and community as a whole. Organizations like MHRD, AICTE, DST, CSIR & ICAR have funded various research projects in the specialized fields of science and technology.

R&D activities will get further boost by the accords with CII FICCI, SIDBI and Sangrur District Industrial Chamber (SDIC). Research activities are progressing along a well chalked out vision, which envisages among other initiatives:

Prestigious national awards/fellowships like Career Award (AICTE), Career Award (UGC) and Best Teacher Award (ISTE), INSA Visiting fellowship have been bagged by the faculty. The faculty members have been awarded some International fellowships/teaching assignments from various countries like Germany (DAAD), UK (MIT, University of Buffalo), Israel, Italy (INFN fellowship) Malaysia (Multimedia University), South Korea, Japan, Libya, Ireland, Canadian fellowships, GRE (worldwide).


The faculty is competent enough and undertakes the consultancy assignments for the problems related to the industries in their specialized field. The senior faculty of the institute has also been contributing towards supervising/guiding M.Tech. students, Ph.D Scholars and Research Associates. For enhancing the consultancy cell in the institute, the following efforts have been made:

Liaison with industries through Industrial Liaison cell.
Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) signed with various MNCs and reputed institutes.
Regular meetings with the industrial chambers and other associations.
Establishment of advanced testing laboratories.


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